Welcome to the next generation of high quality office paper – available to order now from UKOS.

UKOS paper is a superwhite, thick and smooth paper made from Eucalyptus Globulus fibre, widely recognised by experts as the world’s best fibre type for the production of top quality printing and writing papers.

Its quality ensures not only great appearance but great runnability, 100% guaranteed to perform hassle-free, giving enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.

This high quality product comes with outstanding Environmental Credentials; compared to standard 80gsm paper UKOS paper uses less water, less wood and less energy and results in less waste. Our paper carries the PEFC label, Eco Label, is Carbon Neutral, and is part of the Full Cycle Paper Scheme.

To find out more about our paper, visit our UKOSPAPER website, and for your free sample pack get in touch!