UKOS create solutions for the consolidated provision of workplace products and services. These solutions, tailored for each customer, deliver improved customer experience and a deeper supply chain relationship. We consolidate across multiple categories driving cost reduction, transactional efficiency and greater sustainability. Carbon reduction, ethical sourcing and the delivery of social value permeate through everything we do.

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  • Give your PEOPLE MORE TIME

    Give your PEOPLE MORE TIME

    Using new products and services, new technologies, reduce/control current costs in your business. We genuinely have a solution that can benefit any type and size of company.

    • New technologies
    • Same product at no extra cost
    • Winner of sustainable/Green awards
  • Business efficiencies

    Business efficiencies

    With nationwide coverage, UKOS is the leading business solutions provider with an extensive and market leading portfolio of products and services specialising in business efficiencies and supply chain.

    • Independently Owned
    • Commercial and/or creative benefits
  • Effective Brand MANAGEMENT

    Effective Brand MANAGEMENT

    UKOS’s offering can deliver commercial and/or creative benefits through effective use of brand management. Winner of the Sunday Times number one sustainable/Green awards.

    • Commercial and/or creative benefits
    • Market leading portfolio of products
    • Specialists in business efficiencies

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