Green Solutions

We offer a full range of environmentally friendly products, along with options for a more sustainable procurement process. Below details just a few of these options.

  • Eco Delivery Schedules

    One of biggest contributors to carbon footprint is delivery vehicle emissions. Whilst it is the norm to offer next day delivery in the UK stationery market, feedback tells us customers do not always want 5 deliveries per week. As such, we offer Eco Delivery Schedules of either 1, 2 or 3 days per week. Customers can place orders as normal (5 Days per week or 24/7 via the web), but we simply collate these orders and deliver to the agreed schedule. Next day delivery is of course available on request. Customers reap environmental benefits (which are calculated and communicated) but also a reduction in transactional costs.

  • Electronic Marketing and Transaction

    Our web ordering allows for paperless transactions and a reduction in paper catalogues. You can also opt for electronic invoices. The UKOS online system is easy to use with an array of useful tools including budgetary control, management information and features such as favourite product lists, history search and quick order entry – all to make your life easier.

  • Environmental Products

    The UKOS Directory includes many products with sustainability credentials, to choose these products look out for the symbols shown.

    An extensive guide to choosing paper based on environmental credentials can be found on page 7.

  • IMPACT reports by UKOS

    IMPACT reports by UKOS provide environmental information specific to YOU. They detail the environmental benefits of your buying behaviour including; reusable packaging, use of environmental products, recycling activity, eco delivery schedules and further transactional detail. This information will help you and your organisation demonstrate your commitment to reduced carbon and improved sustainability. The reports help UKOS and our customers to collaborate further including recommendations for continuous improvement

  • Packaging

    Box4Life is unique to UKOS. Our reusable packaging system allows customers to receive their deliveries in a reusable and recyclable container instead of a traditional cardboard box. The reusable box simply folds flat after delivery and is collected by our driver on his next visit.

  • Recycling Services

    Paper / Plastics / Toners / Glass / Confidential Waste can all be collected from your offices at the same time we deliver your stationery products, saving both money and delivery emissions. This is very simple to set up; we supply durable bins for collection and arrange waste transfer notes to ensure regulatory compliance.

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